Wilderness guide

Sonja Lassila

Outdoor food, nature excursions and experiences in Inari.


Outdoor food experiences

Guided open fire dinners and cooking classes, courses on dehydrating hiking food, recipe planning, food journalism.

Excursions and hikes

Tailored guided trips and hikes to nature (with skis or snowshoes when there’s snow).

Other experiences

Wilderness skill courses, mushroom picking courses, nature knowledge, fishing trips, employee get-togethers and other experiences designed to your needs.

Wilderness guide Sonja Lassila

Tailored wilderness guide services with an inspirational, professional and safety-oriented touch.

I’m Sonja Lassila, a wilderness guide based in Inari, Finnish Lapland. My core knowhow is outdoor food, arctic nature, hiking and working with people. I offer high-quality services in the Inari region, and when possible, also elsewhere in Finland.

Anyone, experienced hikers included, may benefit from a tour with a professional guide. Learning about nature opens the senses. As knowledge grows, one starts to pay attention to the most interesting details and phenomenons of nature.

Whether you’re an individual, company or other group, you’re warmly welcome to join me to cook around a campfire or hike and discover the surrounding nature. Contact me, and let’s plan just the perfect experience for you.

Book a private wilderness guide

Please contact me, and let’s plan an unforgettable food or nature experience according to your personal preferences.

+358 40 5965694
instagram: @sonjarnevi